Friday, August 6, 2010

A young troll who might not be a troll...

This young man (he's a high school student) posted the following to Facebook. I think perhaps that we need to stop just reacting to our potential "trolls" and figure out who's a troll and who's not. If this young'un really is just ignorant, then we could turn him around and see him become a wonderful force for good, and maybe even a great and supportive daddy someday. But not if we attack him. Read on....

Chris Woodside You are correct in saying that Breastfeading is a normal thing and is not obsene. However, it is something that should be kept private. I dont think Facebook should remove any pictures of this becuause of the first ammendment, however, I do believe it is inapropriate..why would you WANT to put pictures of you breastfea...ding children on facebook, it is a normal thing that should be kept in the privacy of ones home.

Sex is a normal thing that happens in other species but you dont see people having sex in public. or posting pictures of them having sex on facebook (at least not without getting them taken down.)

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    • Alison Kennedy Oh wow we have another one - any takers or do we let the troll slink away back under their bridge?
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    • Jamie Greenfield MacKenzie should we tell people they can't post pics of bottle feeding? Feeding is feeding, and it is in NO way in the same category as sex. I can't believe anyone would even compare feeding a baby to having sex!
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    • Alison Kennedy I think it is better than the comparisons to waste elimination at least - two people are involved in both instances. :P
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    • Jamie Greenfield MacKenzie haha! obviously Chris wasn't breastfed.. his IQ would be higher if he had been ;)
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    • Deanna Millman
      Breastfeeding is not the same as sex, otherwise why would a child be involved? What better way to encourage breastfeeding than making it more visible?
      Due in a few weeks with number 1, can't wait to BF whenever babe gets hungry... not just ...when I'm at home. See More
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    • Alison Kennedy Awesome Deanna - I do so wish I'd had this site when my first was born. I probably would have gone much longer than 9 months and never introduced formula!
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    • Jamie Greenfield MacKenzie my son is 16 months and we are still going strong :)
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    • Chris Woodside
      this is almost a bad of a habit as smoking...becuase the baby gets addicted to it and it becomes difficult to wean them off when they get old enough. And it is similar to sex becuase it is something in nature that does involve a child (one ...makes a child the other feeds a child), and it is something that is private between a man and wife (no out of wedlock sex) and between a mom and the child.....anyone who does it in public is just being rude to others. The last thing I want to see when I am in a nice restaurant or even a fast food one like mcdonalds is for someone to pull out a boob. See More
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    • Chris Woodside would you like it if we were at a park on i made love with my wife right there. Why? its should be happy we are expressing love in public
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    • Chris Woodside whats the matter no argument?
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    • Jamie Greenfield MacKenzie its hard to argue with something that doesn't make sense. Maybe you should join a page on FB about sex... you seem very focused on it. Good night :)
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(snipped out all the in-betweens... most were very flippant and derogatory to our potential "troll")
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  • Suvannah Dawn Nichol-Ruddock DONT FEED THE TROLLS..
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  • Tanya Watson What a fucktard. I wish his mother didn't feed him anything at birth!
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  • Nicole Beck way to live up to the stereotype that teenage boys are stupid! Now go earn yourself a Darwin Award. No breeding for you- granted I think the only way you would knock something up would be the freak happening of you impregnating the sock under your bed. I think his mommy doesn't love him- how can a crackwhore love? So he has to lash out at smart womenfolk >:D
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  • Robi Leigh I'm getting sick of being ordered not to feed the trolls. What, am I not allowed to have a little fun with a complete jackass? Don't want to see it, don't look. (Get the irony?)
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  • Hayley Mosteller Breastfeeding is not sexual.
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  • Mi-jo Sayegh I don't think he is an actual troll,I think he means it , ''trolls'' simply state a comment that is opposite of what a group stands for for a reaction, whether they believe it or not, his profile is not fake and I think he means what he says
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  • Hayley Mosteller Then he needs to get educated. We should refer him to Nursing Freedom and Code Name: Mama so he can read up on the subject. There are lots of resources out there for educating yourself. But seriously, young man, if you are looking for just a fight, don't go there. if you really are just that ignorant, then cure the ignorance. Read. Read well.
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  • Hayley Mosteller
    Perhaps, if you are on your school's debate team, a good challenge for you would be to debate on the side of the mother/baby nursing pair for their freedom to nurse wherever, whenever, and however they need to. The two resources I cited have wonderful links to legislations for every state, regarding protections of the nursing pair. They also have many great links to information on the health benefits of nursing, as well as the psychological benefits of nursing in public. You could do great things by debating on the side opposite of the one your initial reaction would dictate. This is learning how to learn. Learning how to think. Learning how to advocate. This is a skill that will last you a lifetime, and information that will serve you infinitely well if you should ever become a father. Your future babies will reap inestimable benefit from your educating yourself right now.See More
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